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Sex Scenario no.2
Autor : roAngel - 2007-03-07
Citita de 6596 ori - Nota 4.16 (25 voturi)
Imi cer scuze pentrru engleza, dar am scris povestioara asta ca scenariu pentru mine si prietena mea, care e o fata cam inocenta, iar engleza nu suna atat de vulgar (sau noua nu ni se pare). Pentru cei care se descurca cu limba si nu ma injura, va avertizez ca scenariul asta incape in 5 pagini de Word. Apreciez niste pareri, de orice fel ar fi ele. Multumesc. :)


Living room with table and at least one chair.


Angel: wearing a pair of black jeans/pants, no underwear, optional black collar, messed up hair, a vertical black lipstick line running over both his lips, from his nose to his chin. Begging attitude.
Jan: wearing a suit (short tight skirt and optional jacket), tight thin unbottoned shirt, tie, high-heeled thin sandals, no bra or panties, bright red lipstick, hair tied up behind her and thin eyeglasses on. Business-woman attitude.


J. sits at the desk/table, legs crossed, tapping a pen on the table top, pondering something. She notices her right foot sandal strap is undone and turns to A. who sits on the floor, a few feet away, holding his knees to his chest. J. gives him a despiseful look and barks at him:

"Come here, dog! Can't you see my sandal is unstrapped? Crawl your ass over here and fix it!" She uncrosses her legs, turning completely to him and spreading her legs a little, with her right foot in his direction. "Yes, mistress" he replies humble, with his head down, crawling slowly but feline-like in her direction, arching his back with each move and closes to her, leaning down to her sandal. He fixes the problem, pauses, and places a soft kiss on her anckle.

"What the...?" she barks angry. She puts her right foot on his shoulder, leaning at him and grabbing him by the hair: "Did I tell you you could touch me, you fuckin' slut?! How dare you give yourself this liberty! You cunt!" As she yells at him, J. realizes that he's actually staring under her skirt, breathing heavily. She presses her foot against his shoulder, throwing him back on his ass: "You horny slut! You're in heat again, aren't you, you bitch?!" She spreads her legs wide, sliding her hands on her thighs, while looking him in the eyes and raising the skirt somewhat for better access. "I'm going to make you suffer, you fucking slave! Stay there and watch me until your balls explode, whore!" She spreads her legs even wider, tilting her head back and releasing an ecstasy moan, then brings her fingers to her mouth and licks them good, then reaches down to her pussy, looking at him and smiling mischeviously: "And you can't touch yourself, you filthy whore! Or you'll sleep outside, like a bitch like you deserves!" She spreads her pussy lips with the wet thingers, quivering for a moment: "Mmmmmmmm.... Oh, yeah... You'll watch me rub my sweet-scented pussy and suffer!"

A. gets on his knees, a few feet away, with his mouth partially opened, breathing heavily, rhytmically, along with J. She works on her clit and moans, licks her other free hand fingers and plays with her nipple a bit, while rubbing faster and faster, letting her head fall back and moaning loudly with each stroke: "Ugh! ...There you go, you... ugh! ...slut! Watch me please myself! Mmmhmmm... Oh, yes!" He cannot bare it anymore and places a hand on his bulging crotch, rubbing it up and down, while watching her with begging eyes and his jaw dropped, almost drooling. Unable to control himself, he escapes a: "Oh, mistress..." making her snap from that ecstasy state and catch a glance of him and the position of his hand.

J. stands furiously, walking in his direction and backslaps him over the left cheek: "You filthy horn dog! What the fuck did I tell you, you fucking slut?" Grabs him by the hair and pulls him off the ground up to her: "I told you not to touch youself, cunt! Turn around!" She doesn't wait for him to obey, pulling him around and taking off her tie. She ties his wrists together behind him tight and slaps his ass: "Now you'll have to pay for your disobedience!" Pulling him back towards the chair, she sits, bringing him to his kness in front of her. "You're going to eat my pussy, you hear that, slut? You're going to eat my pussy good if you know what's best for you!" She lifts her skirt up and spreads her legs, putting one knee over his shoulder and pulling him in, she grabs hold of his hair, pulling his face against her wet pussy.

"Now lick, you sorry prick! Lick and suck on my swollen sweet clit! Yeah, you whore... Just like that! Lick!" she exclaims letting her head fall back again and pulling his face more and more into her snatch. "Now tell me, bitch, do you like how my pussy tastes? Huh? Do you like eating my pussy?" He breathes heavily, tongue pressing hard on her pussy lips and clit, going up and down. He manages to whisper exhausted between strokes: "Yes, mistress... Ah! You're pussy tastes so sweet and it's so hot! I love your sweet juices! I love licking this very essence of you! I want to do this forever!" She directs his tongue movements by pulling and pushing his face up and down, forward and back from her swollen dripping pussy and replies: "Yeah, I bet you do, you sinful cunt! You whore! Ugh! You slut! Mmm... Lick, yeah! Suck on those sweet pussy lips and clit, you bitch! You fucking slave!" She places the other leg over his shoulder, squeezing his face in her pussy and pressing on the back of his head against her wet mound. "I'll cum on your fake innocent little slut face, you fuck! Do you want me to do that? I bet you would be ecstatic, you fucking whore!" He mumbles something, face burried deep in her pussy, making her clit vibrate and her body quiver with pleasure, then pulls up a little to get some air and, between breaths, he whispers beggingly: "Oh, yes, mistress! Please cum on my dirty face! I want to drown in your sweet hot juices! I want them all over my face, my lips and in my mouth!" and goes back to eat her.

J. pulls his head away and looks him in the eyes: "Yeah, I'll cum on your slutty face, slave! Now eat my sweet tight pussy until your tongue goes numb and your lips hurt when you try to speak!" She pushes him back in, like he wants all of him inside. With faster stronger strokes of tongue, he licks her, while she pulls his face deep in, rubbing his lips against her pussy just the way she wants it, like he is an object. Her legs close around his face, squeezing him tightly and she pushes his face up and down against her clit with both hands, gripping tightly on his hair, while cumming violently on his face and screaming, moaning, panting: "Yes!!! Yes, you fucking slut! Yeah!... Mmm, oh fuck yeah! Ooooh..." As she releases the pressure from her thighs and the loses the tight grip on his hair, A. begins licking the cum off her thighs and his own lips, sucking gently on her pussy lips and clit, burrying his face against her hot snatch. She exhales satisfied, relaxing and letting her legs drop from his shoulders: "You've been a good little bitch and made me cum..." She leans to him, holding his head back by his hair and presses his mouth against his in a deep tongue-action kiss. J. pulls back and licks the cum off his cheeks, chin and lowers to his lips sucking with her soft lips. She pulls up, purring long and languid, and looks him in the eyes: "You've been a good bitch indeed, but you just opened my appetite, you sexy little slut. Do you want to put that cock in my tight hot pussy?"

He looks up at her with begging eyes, crying out: "Oh, yes, mistress! I want to fuck you good! Hard and deep, and make you cum over and over again!" She pushes him away, in a disgusted gesture and stands up, pulling him along. She pushes him on the chair, positioning his hands against the back of the chair and takes off her glasses, putting them on the table. "You can't fuck me with that dirty cock of yours! It needs cleaning! You want me to clean your sinful cock, whore? Huh? I bet you'd love to mouthfuck me, yes..." He breathes heavily as she unbuttons his pants and pulls them down, taking them off: "Yes, mistress, yes... I'd love to have you suck my hard throbbing cock!" J. looks up at him and grips his face, squeezing: "Yes, I know what you want, you little cunt!" She starts playing with his balls, squeezing gently, and places a kiss on the head of his cock, licks it once with the tip of her tongue then presses her whole tongue against his shaft and down to his balls. He moans loudly: "Oh, god! Oh, mistress! That feels so gooooood... Oh... Stop teasing me, I beg you..." She places her hand on his cock, locking in a good grip: "Yes... Beg me..." She gathers saliva in her mouth and lets it fall over the head, then spreads it with her hand in slow strokes all over his cock. A. tilts his head back releasing a pitch high moan. She looks at him, stroking his cock, and whispers dispiseful: "Yeah, scream like the fucking whore that you are!" J. gathers more saliva and comes down with her mouth on his cock, taking in only the head. She moans herself as she does so and circles her tongue around the tip, then in larger circles over the whole head, while holding it tight between her contracted lips.

A. moans, struggling with the tie that holds his wrists together and trembles, quivers and cries out: "Oh, god... Oh, sweet mercy... Your mouth feels so good!!! Oh, yes!!! Suck me hard, mistress!" She pulls away smilling mischeviously again, gather more saliva in her mouth and comes down again, this time taking as much of his cock as he can in her mouth, going as deep as possibly, then slowly slides her thick contracted lips up, jerking him off like that. She goes up and down on his hard throbbing cock while looking at him, analyzing every reaction. He quivers with his head tilted back and exhales deeply, moans and pants. After making sure the cock is wet and slippery she pulls back and jerks him off slowly, but with a good grip, then goes down on him again, repeating the process until he begs: "Mistress, please, I beg you, I want you now! I want to put this in your tight hot pussy! I want to fuck you until I pass out! Please! Oh, god!" She smiles in a nasty way again, sucking fast on the head on his cock and licking the head rhytmically, while her right hand dances on his chest and squeezes his nipples between her fingers. Her other hand is down to her pussy, caressing it with short strokes, playing with her clit. She stands and positions herself over him, taking his cock in her hand and rubbing it slowly against her clit moaning: "You want to put this in my pussy, bitch? You want to fuck me hard and deep? Huh? Oh... Mmmm... Yeah, that's the way... Fuck!" A. swallows hard, breathing heavily and loud: "Yes! Yes! I want to ram my cock in your pussy and watch you scream with ecstasy!"

J. stops and looks up at him, while still playing with her clit: "Oh, don't you come on me, you horny slut! I want you to fuck me good first, hear that? Now get your ass up!" She pulls him up by the neck and a bit towards the table. A hand slides around him, to his wrists, but she doesn't untie him yet, feeling his buttcheek. "Ooooh!" she exclaims excited. "I forgot about that sexy ass of yours, my little whore! Come here!" She pulls him to the table and pushes him over it, face down against the table top, spreading his legs. "You're my bitch, remember that! I can do anything I want with you!" He gasps: "Yes, mistress, I am yours to use. I'm a cheap meaningless object!" She smiles and slaps his ass gentle: "That's right, slave! You're a cheap slut that I keep for my personal pleasure.." She plays with her clit a little, then she moves up against him and reaches a hand between his spread legs, stroking his cock a few times and rubbing her pussy against his ass. She spanks him once more, giggling, while he releases a "Ugh, don't punish me, mistress!". J. places her hands on his back, pressing against his flesh hard down, then moves them up again, massaging his shoulders a moment, then moves to his upper back and sideways to his armpits, sliding her pressed fingers on his ribs to his waist, moving directly behind him. She rubs her pelvis against his ass and grips it with both hands squeezing a bit.

J. pulls him up, untying his wrists and sliding her hands on his waist. With straight gestures she takes his place on the table, contracting her leg muscles a bit as she spreads them wide, and places her hands on the table. She takes off the little clip that held her hair together, messing it up a little to loosen it, then gives him a look over her shoulder: "Now fuck me, you cunt! Fuck me like you'd fuck a goddess!" A. places his hands over her ass, massaging it slowly: "Yes, mistress, you are my goddess and I'll please you for as long as you want!" She barks back: "Shut up and put that hard cock of yours in my tight little pussy! I can't take more anticipation! Fuck me already! ...And make sure yo...